November 21, 2017

Today we have certainly made the transition of seasons here in New Jersey.  The brilliant fall tree colors have taken over the landscape and provided us with one more reason to say, "I always like the change of seasons." Certainly, the shortened number of hours between sunrise and sunset is another reminder; please keep a sharp eye for those wee people who ride the great yellow land cruisers each morning and afternoon. Life does go on and even though we frequently say "Where does our time go so quickly," we have moved over a lot of ground with The Microbibliophile during 2017.

There have been 30 new miniature book reviews, many articles about miniature books authored and submitted by readers, some interesting subjects about the history of miniature books, and so much more. I thank you for all of your contributions, support, and suggestions - the more people who sit at the dinner table the more interesting the meal! 

I ask each reader to take a moment and reflect on what is important to you when reading about miniature books and then consider what The Microbibliophile might do to promote that interest. Perhaps it would be an article(s) on a particular genre or possibly one concerning how new collectors gain a better understanding of miniature books.  

We are especially interested in providing information and content that will expand the world of books into a young audience. We would like to share with them the joys of books as well as understand what they would like to share about books.

The forum is open and waiting. The Frontispiece for the next issue speaks of "Father Time" and the linear direction of time. Yet, we, as bibliophiles, are truly ‘time travelers by nature. We can look into the past, stand in the present, and gaze into the future through the magic of our books. Please share The Microbibliophile with a friend or use it as a key to open a new literary friendship. We can be reached via email at Thank you for the opportunity to bring The Microbibliophile into your life.