The May Issue

May is the fifth month of the new year and that time where for the most part we are done with the snow and ice, looking at the spring perennials poking up around the yard, and really getting ready for the summer ahead of us.  Maybe a cookout, some iced tea, watermelon, and certainly some fireworks for the 4th of July.  Nothing like the good old summertime. 

My compliments go out to all of the contributors to The Microbibliophile - well done to everyone!  Remember, The Microbibliophile is like a vegetable garden - plant the seeds, add some water and warm sun then enjoy the fruits of our bounty.  

The May issue, like the garden, is sprouting with new things. We have six miniature book reviews for you to consider, as well as a special centerfold. There does not seem to be any limit for the number of subjects or finer points of the miniature book world that we cannot share.  I say "we" because I consider our many contributors to be part of the storehouse of information we share. As of this writing, I do not have any additional information about FDR’s little books, but one never knows when those tidbits and clues will present themselves. However, two additional pieces of information did find their way to P.O. Box 5453 for this issue concerning the 1928 Kingsport Lincoln book. Check it out!

The variety of articles presented once again reflect the depth of diversity and knowledge across our readership. How fortunate we are to have so many people as contributors. Todd continues with thoughts on a unique genre of collecting, Nina keeps us posted with her series on the LXIVMOS, Gail Curry talks more about Sherlock Holmes. Additionally, Joan shares her collection of "flip books," Msgr. Weber talks about Galileo, and Bob Hansen again dips to his bottomless inkwell for his insight into the world of miniature books. I hope you enjoy these wonderful selections. 

What would you like to read, learn, and/or possibly contribute?  I personally invite you to take a turn with the pen or keyboard. The horizon marks your journey of opportunity, good will, and adventure. Share your thoughts and knowledge via either of two formats; the printed journal and our website,  

Lastly, thank you for the opportunity to bring The Microbibliophile into your life!