November 2018

A Time For Reflection

Fall just seemed to  jump off of the calendar and we go from warm days, to pumpkins and turkeys, and then Christmas is here with its the frosty nights and wonderful decorations.  Fall always reminds me of all of the things we have done and all of those things that we still want to do before year’s end, a time for reflection.  Swimming turns to soccer and soccer to snowmen, how time flies.

As I speak of reflection, this issue of The Microbibliophile will mark eight years, 49 issues, countless book reviews, and pages and pages of information and sharing. I thought that it would be a good opportunity to share some items and articles from previous times in the world of miniature books. I selected an old letter to the editor, a 1980 prospectus for a new miniature book, a few older miniature holiday books, and a few surprises.

Elaine and I had a very enjoyable trip to the Wigtown Book Festival, which included the cordial hosting by Stephen and Marian Byrne and Ian and Helen Macdonald. The land and the scenery provided moments to remember but the time spent with our hosts was priceless. Stephen Byrne has prepared an article about the Wigtown Book Festival and the MBS exhibit of his miniature books that will be published in the forthcoming MBS Newsletter.  Please take a few minutes to search it out on the MBS website:

One of the interesting things that I was given by Ian was a copy of his printed journal detailing his 1985 trip to America. The journal documents all of the miniature book people that he visited along his way across the country, from Boston to Burbank and back again. 

The last issue of the year would not be complete without our reminder to renew your subscription; the 2019 price is the same as it was for 2018.

Additionally, as always, this humble editor asks that you please consider joining the list of contributors to the ‘MB’ journal by sharing your books, your adventures, and your passion for all book arts.  Diversity is the spice of life and let us all gather around the table for a feast of thoughts and ideas to help satiate our hunger and move us forward on our ‘bookish’ journeys. 

Lastly, thank you for the opportunity to bring The Microbibliophile into your life and wishing you and yours the best for your Holidays and a Healthy, Happy New Year!