September 2018

The Beauty of the Change of the Seasons Is About To Appear Before Our Eyes

Summer is the business of hot weather, ice cream, family and friends, thunderstorms, and thinking  about what we have to look forward to as the calendar pages flip with the next seasonal change. Sometimes we read about the relationship of the seasons to the phases of one’s life, I like to think of the transition from summer into the fall and winter as a time to ‘stock-up’, build the fires that will warm us for the next months, and move us along into the next year. Memories and history are fun to think about but the adventure of the future is that what drives life.

The MBS Conclave was held in Charlottesville, Virginia a few weeks ago. Certainly, a grand time for all of those that attended.  The exhibit displaying portions of the collection of Caroline Brandt was just outstanding, a thing to behold, each book a treasure unto itself and to be remembered for years to come. The MBS Newsletter will provide a full recap of the Conclave with its next publication.

Reviews for five new tomes are included within this issue as well as short reviews of two older miniatures both with red covers, which should catch your eye.  While at the MBS Conclave I had an interesting conversation, with a fellow attendee, about the FDR miniatures, more to follow as plans are explored.  Also included are two articles about some items that are bookish but not exactly miniature - just bookish that I hope provide an interesting diversion. Lastly, I was disappointed that the article about Jane Coneen did not generate some email feedback or ‘Letters to the Editor’ but the little brass box remained empty.

I will be attending the Wigtown Book Fair in Scotland that will be held in late September and on my itinerary is a visit with Ian Macdonald, retired book publisher and owner of  Gleniffer Press. I am sure this year’s festival will be as exciting and book filled as previous year reviews have indicated. Possibly I will find a few tomes to share with you in the next issue of The Microbibliophile. Unless one ventures down the “path less traveled,” one will never know what might be found beyond the next bend in the road.

Please consider joining the list of contributors to The Microbibliophile journal by sharing your books, your adventures, and your passion for the book arts.  Diversity is the gift of life and let us all gather around the table for a feast of thoughts and ideas.

Lastly, thank you for the opportunity to bring The Microbibliophile into your life.