The Old Desk Stuff

January, that special quiet time after the holidays, when we begin to see the length of days in North America grow by just a few ticks of the clock each day, when the mailbox seems to be overflowing with seed catalogs, and we watch the weather reports for the chances of white flakes falling from the sky.  Some of us enjoy the white stuff while others it is something painful to be dealt with.  However, many of us may remember the anticipation of building a snowman on a cold January day, running through the house looking for extra mittens, and then to the pantry for a carrot.

I hope you enjoyed the opening pages of Ian Macdonald’s 1985 road trip across America. Some readers may know the story however, I think many may be enjoying his adventure for the first time or as a reflection, the journey continues with the current issue.  Additionally,  there are eight miniature book  reviews for your enjoyment. Included are selections from El Camino Real Press, Bo Press, Plum Park Press, and Wild Onion Press.

Each year, with the January issue, I always you, our readers, what they would like to explore in the upcoming year.  What type of miniature book information would you like researched or what topics would you like to share. The palate is wide open as the year begins and I invite you to send me your ideas and questions, with six issues and 50 plus pages per issue there is a lot of real estate for our reading enjoyment.  Remember, I love your input and savor the challenge of providing you, the readership with a journal that will be of will value and enjoyment.

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Diversity is the spice of life and let us all gather around the table for a feast of thoughts and ideas to help satiate our hunger as we elope on our on our ‘bookish’ journey together.  If you have not renewed your subscription, please do so, see the back cover for details on payments and remember that the price for 2019 is the same as 2018.

Lastly, thank you for the opportunity to bring The Microbibliophile into your life and home and wishing you and your family a healthy and Happy New Year!